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Assembly and Testing
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Assembly and Testing

We are qualified in many types of assembly and testing with advanced facilities, professional experts and rigid inspection system, which can meet different requirements for assembly and testing and enable customized service for different costumers.

Assembly and Testing

Descriptions of Assembly and Testing

The process of assembly and testing ensures you that the products are finished and qualified by completely meeting the highest standard of quality. The types of assembly and testing vary according to different requirements, covering simple mechanical assembly and pressure testing, as well as electrical assembly and testing with a network analyzer.

Precautions of Assembly and Testing

  • Ensure the product quality and extend the product life

  • Reasonably arrange the assembly sequence and procedures, and reduce the amount of manual labor

  • Meet the requirements of the assembly cycle to improve assembly efficiency

  • Reduce the assembly area and increase the productivity per unit area

  • Reduce assembly costs

  • Perform debugging and inspection after assembling to ensure a qualified product

Assembly and Testing FAQs
  • Q: Will Using Product Assembly Services Affect My Product Quality?

    No. Using product assembly services can improve the quality of your product. You benefit from access to highly skilled personnel and advanced manufacturing technology, as well as specialist product development expertise. Also, an ISO-certified outsourcing partner will ensure that your work is carried out in accordance with national and international standards.

  • Q: What Happens If There Is A Problem With My Product Assembly?

    Any problem with your product assembly is fixed quickly at no extra cost to you. Your outsourcing partner should be committed to the highest quality standards and work hard to ensure that there are no problems with your product assembly. Nevertheless, defects can occur because assembly is a complex procedure. Should this happen, your contract equipment manufacturer will act quickly to resolve the problem.

  • Q: What Happens If My Product Assembly Requirements Change?

    If your requirements change – for example, if you need to meet a spike in demand for your product or you need to make changes to the composition of your product – a contract equipment manufacturer has the resources and capabilities to give you the capacity and flexibility you need. Your partner will ensure that you maintain a high level of responsiveness and avoid increased lead times.

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