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Auto & Motors Parts

KES is specializing in manufacturing truck parts and systems from cylinders and gladhands to transfer cases. We also offer services like electric motor body casting, automotive aluminum patrs die casting and so on.

KES factory has strong technical force, a strong ability to develop new products, exquisite inspection methods for auto parts die-casting technology. KES produces die-casting auto parts and regards quality as its life, takes science and technology as the guide, and continuously introduces new products, like molten metal under high pressure which is a casting method that die-casting auto parts are filled at high speed and solidified under pressure.

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For automobile parts made by casting, lightweight structures must be realized. This goal can be achieved in various ways: the choice of structure and materials, as well as the processing technology, will have a decisive influence on the weight of the product. And the casting process offers various possibilities to make the product lighter. It allows a high degree of design freedom in order to place the correct material in the correct position and helps to integrate multiple functions into one product.

Regarding the high requirements for performance and quality, casting provides a very wide range of solutions, even in a constantly changing environment, which can provide attractive methods for auto&motors parts applications. New materials, innovative design concepts, and modern manufacturing processes will continue to provide the basis for competitive and affordable lightweight structures in the future. What should be particularly mentioned is that the casting material is easy to recycle and therefore has continuous carbon dioxide efficiency.

In order to provide more valuable solutions for automobiles in the future, further ideas are needed. Materials with enhanced properties, combined with new product boundaries with minimum wall thickness, will help continue to achieve attractive, economical lightweight structures.

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