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Casting Function of Al Die Casting and New Polishing Technology
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Casting Function of Al Die Casting and New Polishing Technology

1. Casting function of the Al die casting

Due to its outstanding casting function, the aluminum die casting process can be widely used, thanks to the low melting point of industrial aluminum materials during manufacturing so as to improve the quality, precision, surface finish and production efficiency of aluminum castings.

Due to the large latent heat of condensation during the operation of the aluminum die casting process, the condensation process of molten aluminum is much longer than that of cast steel and cast iron under the condition that the component is the same. And molten aluminum has good fluidity, which is conducive to casting thin-walled and complex-layout castings.

2. New polishing technology of the Al die casting

The Al die casting requires alkaline polishing during operation. To a certain extent, we have compared the effects of corrosion inhibitors, viscosity agents, etc. on the polishing effect. As a result, an alkaline solution system with good polishing effect has been successfully obtained and additives which can lower operating temperature, prolong the service life of the solution and improve the polishing effect have also been obtained at the same time.

Adding appropriate additives to the polishing solution of the Al die casting can produce a good polishing effect. After the solution is subjected to DC constant voltage electrolytic polishing under certain conditions during the operation, the reflectivity of the aluminum surface can reach 90%.

The Al die casting has incomparable advantages compared to other die casting methods during operation. In the process of operation, especially since the trend of manufacturing light weight automobiles, automotive aluminum die casting has been widely used in the car industry. The density of cast aluminum alloy is lower than that of cast iron and cast steel, but its specific strength is higher. Therefore, the selection of Al die casting under the same load conditions can reduce the local weight. Therefore, Al die castings are widely used in the aviation industry and the production of power machinery and transportation machinery.

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