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Cleaning Method for Aluminum Die Castings
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Cleaning Method for Aluminum Die Castings

The aluminium die casting industry has grown rapidly and has become a new industry. Now, the aluminium die casting process has become one of the most widely used processes in the aluminium alloy forming process for vehicles. Today I will introduce how to clean aluminium die castings.


1. Casting shell cleaning: 

Generally speaking, aluminium die castings can go into further cleaning process after they are completely cooled. After the aluminium die casting is cast in the mold shell, the cooling time of the casting in the mold is directly related to the material of the aluminum die casting and the shape and size of the aluminum die casting and the production conditions. Generally, if the cleaning of aluminum alloy castings is done early, it will easily cause deformation and cracks of aluminum die castings. The cooling time of castings with larger size and more complicated process should be longer, and the cooling time of castings with smaller size and thin wall and simple process can be shorter.

2. Cutting pouring riser: 

The main methods of cutting pouring riser are: gas cutting, grinding wheel cutting, sawing machine, hydraulic cutting, anode cutting and so on.

3. Surface cleaning of aluminum die-casting parts: 

After the aluminum die-casting parts are shelled, there will always be residual iron oxide sheet on the surface of the castings, especially those with complex inner cavities, deep grooves, and blind holes, which cannot be cleaned up completely and must need a following up surface cleaning.

4. Shot blasting treatment: 

The castings with special requirements can adopt shot blasting treatment. Shot blasting is to use the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating shot blasting impeller to throw iron shots on the surface of the castings in order to clean the residual sand, sticky sand or iron oxide sheet on the castings. Generally speaking, the surface of the casting after shot blasting is related to the size of the iron shot.

5. Repair welding: 

Usually refers to castings that do not meet the technical requirements for acceptance or the provisions of the order agreement which have casting defects but can be repaired. First of all, we must clean up the repair welding part, so that the surface of the aluminum die-casting part is completely clean and exposed to the metallic luster. The size of defects should be welded from small to large. If the repair welding area is large and the defects are in the important parts of the casting, annealing treatment should be carried out.

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