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CNC Tapping
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CNC Tapping

Customized CNC tapping service is offered to meet different requirements for processing prismatic parts in various industrial fields.

CNC Tapping

Descriptions of CNC Tapping

CNC tapping is numerically controlled and is used for machining parts with high speed, high accuracy, and high productivity. CNC Tapping centers are tools used for precise, fast, and repeated tapping processes. Tapping centers are desirable for processing parts with multiple, deep, or threaded holes, requiring high efficiency and threading speed.

Advantages of CNC Tapping

  • Threading holes with high speed in a fraction of the time it would take to thread mill the same holes.

  • Capable of threading deeper holes in harder materials such as steel.

  • Available in the case of blind tapping to achieve the deepest threads in the hole with the part of the tool.

  • Best choice when you need to make a lot of holes with few variations in size.

CNC Tapping Service FAQs
  • Q: What is Tapping in CNC?

    Tapping is a common operation used to thread holes on CNC Machines. Through the numerical control panel, the operator can easily set the tapping speed, retreating speed, tapping depth, tapping forward and reverse, automatic tapping, manual tapping, imitation manual tapping, and other functions.

  • Q: What is the Difference Between Tapping and Rigid Tapping?

    Rigidity means that the tapping tool holder is rigid and does not automatically adjust the gap. One of the main advantages of rigid tapping is that the depth can be precisely controlled in blind hole machining. In order to process the workpiece accurately and consistently, it is necessary to use a tap holder with sufficient compensation to achieve a higher tap life without causing any changes in-depth control.

  • Q: What is the Process of CNC Tapping?

    CNC Tapping is the process of cutting a thread inside a hole so that a cap screw or bolt can be threaded into the hole. Also, it is used to make a thread on nuts. Tapping can be done on the lathe by power feed or by hand.

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