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Communication Equipment
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Communication Equipment

With the upgrading of existing mobile communication networks in developed countries and the massive construction of emerging mobile countries, mobile communication has become the second-largest application field in the precision aluminum alloy die casting industry in most countries in the world after automobiles.

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Under normal circumstances, the purchase cost of aluminum alloy die-cast structural parts for a mobile communication base station accounts for about 16% of its overall investment. The upgrade of mobile communication technology mainly affects the software system of the base station, which has little impact on the overall volume of the base station and the amount of aluminum alloy in the base station. Therefore, the proportion of aluminum alloy procurement costs for mobile communication base stations is relatively stable. Based on this, the demand for precision aluminum alloy die-casting structural parts in the global communications field can be calculated.

Communication base station equipment is developing in the direction of high heat dissipation performance, high corrosion resistance and high thinness. This has promoted the advancement of aluminum alloy die-casting technology in the direction of high precision. Under the premise of meeting heat dissipation and corrosion resistance performance, communication aluminum alloy shells are gradually becoming lighter. Aluminum alloys can be formed by die-casting, which can greatly improve production efficiency and are widely used in various alloy forming. Shell parts have a simple structure, and the main factors affecting the formability of such parts depend on the wall of the part. thick.

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