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Definition and Characteristics of Aluminum Die Casting
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Definition and Characteristics of Aluminum Die Casting

1. Definition of aluminum die casting

Aluminium die-casting parts are called differently in different places, such as aluminum die-casting parts, die-casting aluminum parts, and aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Because metal aluminum and aluminum alloy have good fluidity and plasticity, and the casting process is cast in a pressure die-casting machine, aluminum die-casting parts can be made of various more complex shapes and can be made with higher precision and smoothness. And it also can greatly reduce the machining amount of casting and the casting margin of aluminum or aluminum alloy which not only saves electricity and metal materials, but also greatly saves labor costs. Moreover, aluminum and aluminum alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, small specific gravity and high workability, so aluminum die castings are widely used in automobile manufacturing, internal combustion engine production, motorcycle manufacturing, electric motor manufacturing, oil pump manufacturing, transmission machinery manufacturing, precision Instruments, landscaping, power construction, building decoration and other industries.


2.The characteristics of aluminum die castings

1) The design of aluminium die casting parts is similar to that of plastic parts. Some design conventions of plastic parts are also applicable to aluminum die-casting parts.

2) For aluminum alloy, the temperature and pressure the mold bears are much larger than the plastic mold bears, which requires very strict design accuracy. Even with a good mold material, once there is welding, the mold is almost useless. Zinc alloy is similar to plastic, and the mold life is longer.

3) There should be no concave sharp corners to avoid die corners.

4) Although the accuracy of die-casting parts is relatively high, it is worse than plastic, and the draft force is larger than plastic. Usually the structure should not be too complicated. If necessary, the complex parts should be decomposed into two or more pieces.

5) Aluminum alloy screw holes usually only make cone pits, and post-processing is adopted. The post-processing amount of 0.3mm is usually reserved for the strict matching parts.

6) Aluminum die-casting is easy to have pores, which need to be considered in advance. It is difficult to anodize the surface of aluminum die-casting parts. Generally, it will turn black after a period of time. Aluminum die-casting parts cannot be anodized but it can be sprayed with oil or plastic.

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