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To Provide High Quality Die Casting Services For All Industries

customized engineering service for die casting parts

KES can offer high quality engineering services as a supplier of die casting, such as advanced design and improvement support of the die casting manufacturing according to your needs, and customized engineering services are also available. Quality assurance is also achieved in the engineering services to ensure customers'interest.

We Provide Molding Design & Makring for You

We Provide Custom Molding Design for You

The mold should have sufficient rigidity and will not deform under the condition of withstanding the clamping force of the die casting machine. And it should not be too bulky to facilitate loading, unloading, repair and transportation. In addition, the shape of the mold should be considered to match the specifications of the die casting machine.

There are Manufacturing services we can provide:

From die casting to Logistics, one-step service for you!