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Molding Design
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Molding Design (for die casting needs/parts/service)

Die casting is a technique applied in mass production of metal parts and components, in which molding design is a very important phase, since it would affect the shape and dimensions of the products. Therefore, KES offers excellent solutions of molding design to meet the customers' needs, since it is specialized in molding design.

Molding Design Overview

Die casting die design is a factor that decides whether the following stages of the die casting would be successful. Because it would affect the shape, dimensions and other precise aspects of the components. mould and die design should be in accordance with the requirements of the projects and pay attention to special demands. Thorough process should be made in the design plan and the shape, angles, surface finish, the number of cavities and other parameters should be considered.

Molding Design Overview

Molding Design Process

Since molding design is important for die casting, special consideration should be given in the its process. There are several phases of the overall process:

  • Dimensional and geometrical issues should be verified in the preliminary stage.

  • Calculate the cavity number.

  • Projection area and the volume and shape of the die play underlying roles in the designing stage.

  • Proceed with a simulation through semi-empirical models.

Molding Design Advantages

The process of molding/die design displays the advantages for die casting, since it is the fundamental step of die casting. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Dimensional and geometrical data have been calculated, which is good for the following steps.

  • Simulation experiments increase the successful molding rate.

  • Precise dimensions calculated and designed increase the product quality.

Molding Design Advantages
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