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Tool/mold making(for die casting needs/parts/service)

Tool making typically refers to utilizing tooling to manufacture products. High quality tooling decides the high quality die castings that satisfy customer's needs. KES has rich experience in tool making, since it has a complete range of tools such as aluminum die cast tooling, zinc die cast tooling and other tooling and molding. And KES constantly improve its technologies and concept of tool making, so it can offer optimal service in terms of tool making for die casting.

Tool Making Overview

Tool making is to make the tools in order to produce a part or a component. After the tool maker produces a tool, we can utilize it to create something, which is a simple example to show the phrase  "tool making". As for mould die casting, the tool making is definitely making tools to facilitate the production of die casting.

Tool Making Overview

Understanding the Tool Making Process

Tool making process is involved in the design phase of new products. The original blueprints are necessary to show in the mould die casting process. Tool makers need to have a thorough understanding of the new product, and then they need to exam the tool performance to ensure that it would fit the production process.

Tooling Guides for Die Casting

It is necessary to know some tips or precautions involved in tool making. Here are some guides for tooling of die casting: make a full understanding of the product; ensure the industry quality levels; consider the production volume; decide the material used to make the tool.

Tooling Guides for Die Casting
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