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The characteristics of the die-cast aluminum heatsink are less time, fast heat supply, and high efficiency. Lightweight and smart, easy to process is a major feature. The weight of an aluminum heatsink of the same specification is 1/3 of that of a steel heatsink. The aluminum heatsink is light in a variety of radiators, easy to carry and install, at the same time it has good thermal conductivity, large heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, and high thermal strength of the metal. Because it is easy to extrude, it will be extruded into various shapes. 

This kind of heatsink has a novel and beautiful appearance and strong decoration. Since aluminum is oxidized to form a protective film of aluminum oxide, which can prevent it from further oxidation, it is not afraid of oxidation and corrosion.

die cast heatsink

Price of Aluminum Product

The high-quality die-cast aluminum heatsink uses aviation aluminum as the ideal medium for thermal energy conversion. The European standard EN46100 costs more than 14,000 yuan per ton, and the cost is higher than some materials.

Thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of aluminum heatsinks is 237w/mk, with high pressure resistance and high metal thermal intensity. According to the test conducted by the National Testing Center, the metal heat intensity is 2.27W/Kg℃, the aluminum heatsink has large heat, fast heat dissipation, and high efficiency. The unique chimney-shaped structure of die-cast aluminum dissipates heat, which can make the room warm and comfortable in 15 minutes. This is also an important factor for more users to choose to use it as the end of heating.

Production Process

The manufacturing process of die-cast aluminum heatsink is complicated, including multiple production processes such as smelting, die-casting, deburring, pressure testing, electrophoresis, and spraying. It is precisely because it is easy to be extruded and formed into various shapes, so the appearance is novel and beautiful, and the decoration is strong. It is also worth mentioning that after the surface treatment of die-cast aluminum, electrophoretic paint is applied first, and then the exterior paint is sprayed. The color is smooth and the appearance is extremely beautiful.


Since aluminum heatsinks first originated from the European market with strong artistic influence, high-end, elegant, beautiful, and fashionable elements have been injected into the genes of aluminum heatsinks. This is also the reason why it can be favored by more people who pursue quality life in today's increasingly diversified market.

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