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KES is a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer for electrical housings covering everything from LED modules to cell tower equipment.

The characteristic of die-casting household appliances is that the structure is mainly made of aluminum die-casting and assembled with plastic or metal shell. The characteristics of the whole product are relatively simple structure, practical function, and convenient operation.

The melting point of die-casting technology is relatively low, so it is easy to die-cast the device; the technical performance of die-casting is relatively mature, and it can die-cast a variety of die-casting parts; die-casting technology can also process the surface of the castings. With this technology, melting and die casting will not cause damage to the mold.

home appliances

We know that zinc alloy die-casting technology is used in the molding process to perfect the die-casting of household appliances. However, this technology has both shortcomings and advantages. Incorrect understanding and use of this technology will cause certain harm. If some waste materials are generated for a long time, these waste materials cannot be used again, which will increase production costs; secondly, if the waste materials are not treated in time and effectively, they will cause damage to the environment.

Kangensheng die-casting factory will polish the die-casting parts when processing the die-casting parts of household appliances. This is because the newly-produced die-casting parts of household appliances are rough parts, and their surface quality is relatively poor, with many burrs, and relatively rough. if such a die-casting part is used as an appearance part, it will definitely affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the Kangenseng die-casting plant needs to polish the die-casting part.

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