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How to Modify and Improve the Die Casting Process of the Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Factory
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How to Modify and Improve the Die Casting Process of the Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Factory

The product parameters of aluminum alloy die casting production are basically formulated in advance, and the tolerance and accuracy are almost the requirements of customers. The space that aluminum alloy die casting factories can adjust is basically in other aspects. However, in the actual production, the die casting process is essentially continuously adjusted for other reasons such as mold modification by customers.

After opening the mold, it usually goes through a stage of proofing and trial production. The stage is actually the process verification and control stage of mass production. It verifies whether the die casting process designed in the early stage is reasonable or not, whether it meets the needs of mass production or not. Besides, experience can be gained in this stage in order to improve the process.

1. Judging the adaptability of die casting process from the quality of aluminum alloy die casting

Basically, the aluminum alloy die casting blanks produced by die casting will affect the quality of the casting in these aspects. The first is the rationality of the die casting mold design, the second is the control of the temperature of the aluminum alloy liquid, and the third is the quality of the die casting machine and the control of the injection speed.

An excellent die caster can judge which aspects affect the quality of aluminum alloy die casting parts according to the quality of the aluminum alloy die casting blanks, that is to judge based on the appearance of aluminum  alloy die casting defects and internal defects. It requires accumulation of experience, and only when enough problems are encountered can die casters have enough experience to judge. However, not every die caster is so skilled and experienced. Therefore, it is necessary for QC inspections to strictly inspect the quality of aluminum alloy die castings in accordance with the standards of the die casting process. In this way, defects can be found in time and also give feedback and make adjustments in time. And then improve the die casting process to avoid more defects.

2. Improvement measures of die casting process

Every die casting process needs continuous improvement and perfection in production. Also, every product should have the most suitable technology.

(1) Proofing and trial production stage

In general, every product goes through the proofing and trial production stage. The number of castings in each trial production increases. After several times, the die cast tooling production efficiency and quality that meet customer requirements should be determined before mass production.

(2) Initial mass production

In this process, the die casting process will be gradually optimized at about 2000 molds. It mainly adjusts the start position of fast pressure, slow injection speed, fase injection speed, boost pressure, boost start point and molten aluminum temperature. Besides, the process of mass production is completely fixed as a process guide for subsequent mass production. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to problems that occur in the production process and solve them in time. In this way, the standard of the die casting process can be improved and upgraded in time.

(3) Modify and repair the model

Customers will request to change the model in many cases. For the smooth mass production of products, the aluminium die casting factory itself also regularly maintains the molds. After each mold modification, the die casting process should be reverified. Also, after confirming that the die casting process is fully qualified, mass production will continue.

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