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How to Prevent Zinc Die Casting from Corrosion? How to Clean Zinc Die Casting Environmentally?
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How to Prevent Zinc Die Casting from Corrosion? How to Clean Zinc Die Casting Environmentally?

In the die casting industry, zinc die casting has strong corrosion resistance, but it still has possibilities of getting corroded. Once the zinc die casting is corroded, defective products will appear, which will increase the workload of rework. So we need to work on more measures to prevent die castings from being corroded. But how to prevent zinc die castings from being corroded?


1. Keep the storage location dry

In many cases, zinc die casting needs to go through the cleaning step during production. Storage without drying after cleaning will cause corrosion and rust. Therefore, dry after cleaning is to ensure that the surface of the die casting is dry.

2. It should not be exposed to the air for long time storage

If zinc die casting parts are stored in the warehouse for too long after the production is completed and the goods are not delivered in time, it will cause oxidation and corrosion. In that case, rework is needed. We will need to clean up the oxide layer. Therefore, zinc die casting should not be exposed to the air for long time.

While taking measures to prevent zinc die casting from being corroded, we should also pay attention to their daily cleaning. There are many methods for cleaning zinc die castings in the die casting industry. And some methods use chemical and other mechanical methods to clean, some of them are not that environmental friendly. With the development of international environmental protection awareness, some improper cleaning methods will also be eliminated. And new cleaning methods will be welcomed by the market. Let's have a look about some environmentally friendly cleaning methods.

1. Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is uniformly controlled by the panel of the electric cabinet and can be set according to the cleaning process. The bottom of each tank is equipped with a slag connection port, which is convenient for slag discharge and can deposit dirt in time. Ultrasonic cleaning is a relatively mature cleaning method with simple cleaning process and advanced cleaning effect.

2. Laser cleaning

Laser cleaning can be completed without any cleaning fluid. The cleaned waste is basically powder which has small size, and has small impact on environment. Laser cleaning is efficient and time-saving.

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