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Medical Devices
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Medical Devices

Aluminum die-cast medical devices refer to instruments, equipment, appliances, calibrators, materials, and other similar or related items that are directly or indirectly used on the human body using aluminum die-cast as the material. The types of aluminum alloy medical devices include crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers, walkers, sterilization boxes, and hospital beds.

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Since the 21st century, there have been many new technologies and products in the aluminum die-cast medical devices industry, which have made clinical medicine a lot of fundamental improvements and improvements, and have taken a big step forward. The future aluminum die-cast medical devices must include information technology, nanotechnology, and biological sciences.

In the next ten years, aluminum die-cast medical devices must make changes if it is to continue to gain a foothold in the medical device industry. In the new generation of aluminum die-cast medical devices, most of the difficulties will lie in the integration of the two, which means that the technology of die casting is more important than before.

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