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Metal Surface Mechanical Finish
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Metal Surface Mechanical Finish

The process and principles of metal surface finish: 

The purpose of metal surface finish is to further remove the fine defects on the surface of the metal product so that the surface finish of the product can be further improved to prepare for the surface decoration of the product. And metal surface finish can be done manually or on a finishing machine. The style of the finishing machine is similar to that of the grinder machine, and the finishing machine is equipped with finishing wheels. When the finishing wheels rotate at a high speed, the high temperature generated by the friction between the surface of the product will improve the plasticity of the surface, and further produce plastic deformation under the action of the finishing force. As a result, the convex part of the metals will be pressed down and filled into the concave part, which will eventually change the surface roughness. Meanwhile, since the chemical composition of the finishing paste can act on the surrounding medium during finishing, the finishing effect and the surface quality of the products will also be improved.

In general, metal surface finish is a process in which the oxide film on the metal surface is continuously produced and then continuously worn away. Since there is an oxide film on most metal surfaces, usually, the old oxide film will be first removed during finishing, and then a new oxide film will be produced with a thickness of about 0. 014 pm.Then this new oxide film will be removed again. The foregoing processes will be repeated many times until a bright surface finally appears and the required surface brightness is achieved.


Metal surface finish can also be divided into three levels: rough finish, medium finish and fine finish. Rough finish is to use hard wheels to further reduce the roughness of the surface that has already been reduced the surface roughness once. Medium finish is to use hard finishing wheels that are softer than the finishing wheels of rough finish to further process the surface that has been roughly finished before. In other words, the medium finish can remove the scratches left by the rough finish and produce a medium-bright surface. Lastly, fine finish is the final process of finish, which will typically use soft finishing wheels to finish the products so that the level of mirror brightness can be obtained.

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