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  • Patio

    The die-cast patio furniture produced by KES includes chairs, outdoor cast aluminum park chairs, patio die-cast aluminum double seats, product selection, design, and production services. KES is a die-...

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  • Bistro

    Bistro aluminum die-cast furniture not only looks stylish and concise but also because the aluminum itself is very light, the weight of the whole set of furniture is not heavy, combined with glass, im...

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  • Table & Chair

    The main material for the production of cast aluminum tables and chairs is high-quality aluminum, and their production process is completed at one time. Cast aluminum tables and chairs are a kind of d...

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  • Bench

    The aluminum die-cast bench is a new type of furniture produced with the development of modern industrial technology. The reason why the bench is made of aluminum alloy is because of its high strength...

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  • Seat

    Introduction of Aluminum Die-cast SeatMaterial: The aluminum die-cast seat on the market usually chooses a high-strength cold-rolled steel plate or aluminum plate, and the armrests and feet usually us...

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Aluminum product is one of the non-ferrous metals in the metal category. Due to its wide application, aluminum profiles are widely used in furniture manufacturing.

The aluminum profile adopts the extrusion molding process, that is, after the aluminum ingot and other raw materials are melted in the furnace, they are extruded through the extruder to the die to flow out and form. It can also extrude various profiles with different cross-sections. The main performance, namely strength, hardness and wear resistance, are in accordance with national standards.

die cast office furniture

The treatment process adopts anodizing treatment, and the surface treatment oxide film reaches a thickness of 0.12m/m. The wall thickness of the aluminum profile is selected according to the optimization of the product design. It is not the thicker the better on the market. It should be designed according to the cross-sectional structure requirements. It can be uneven from 0.5 to 5mm. The layman thinks that the thicker the tougher, it is actually a wrong view.

Aluminum products can be applied to produce iron cast furniture, such as cast iron bench and table, cast iron lawn chairs, cast aluminum patio and cast iron seating in the house, office, patio, and bistro.

Compared with the processing methods of office furniture profiles, die-casting alloys use different equipment. Its raw materials are aluminum ingots (about 92% purity) and alloy materials, which are melted in a furnace and enter the die-casting machine to mold. The shape of the die-cast aluminum product can be designed like a toy, with different shapes, convenient for connection in various directions, and high hardness and strength.

Die-cast aluminum forming process points:

1. Die casting molding

2. Rough polishing to remove residual material from clamping

3. Fine polishing