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The die-cast patio furniture produced by KES includes chairs, outdoor cast aluminum park chairs, patio die-cast aluminum double seats, product selection, design, and production services. KES is a die-casting product company guided by market demand and centered on product design. It is committed to providing professional outdoor furniture cast aluminum park chairs, courtyard die-cast aluminum alloy double seats, outdoor aluminum alloy chairs for urban management agencies, property management, park scenic spots, airport stations, and other enterprises and institutions. All kinds of aluminum die-cast patio furniture are popular among customers.


When choosing custom die-cast patio furniture, the type and size of the product should be determined according to the number and situation of family members. You can make a list of the die-cast patio furniture that you want to make to your own house, and determine the approximate shape of the aluminum die-cast patio furniture based on the structure, style, and size of the house. Use sketches to replace the drawings of the previous chair design, such as custom-made wardrobes. Whether the style is sliding or closing the door, etc., you must have a general grasp of your park chair, think about the shape, size, and style you want. Don't ask for specifics, but ask for a general model. Make the work of custom-made aluminum die-casting patio furniture easier!

The advantages of KES aluminum die-casting patio furniture

  • Selected high-quality aluminum alloy profiles, 

  • Rust-proof treatment, more than 10 years of service life; 

  • Outdoor electrostatic powder spraying process, the paint surface will not fall off for ten years; 

  • Multi-strength design, strong bearing capacity; 

  • Fireproof, flame retardant, high and low-temperature resistance, suitable for outdoor harsh weather conditions; 

  • Product design follows ergonomic principles, beautiful and comfortable; 

  • Well-made, attention to detail, no sharp points, safe and environmentally friendly.

The backrest of aluminum die-cast patio furniture can effectively relieve the pressure of weight on the buttocks, reduce the tension of the waist, back, and neck muscles, and increase the comfort of people’s rest. The reasonable design of the backrest of aluminum die-cast patio furniture determines whether the product is comfortable or not. The fundamental factor. The backrest angle refers to the angle between the backrest and the seat. How to choose the size of aluminum die-cast patio furniture in the design? In the process of using aluminum die-cast patio furniture, the reasonable design of the backrest can enhance the comfort of the human body, and the reasonable size of the backrest should be between 110° and 130°.

After many years of accumulation, KES has complete molds, diverse styles, and abilities to design and customize aluminum die-casting patio furniture according to customer needs.

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