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Process of Die Casting
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Process of Die Casting

1. Tooling Design

We believe that engineering collaboration with our customers is critical to ensure we deliver castings of optimal yield and quality. Our experienced engineerings leverage critical customer inputs and the latest CAD software and mold flow technology to design and simulate the casting process that meets the customer's stringent product specifications while optimizing yield and quality.

2. Tooling Making

Aluminum alloy die-casting is one of the most important processes of aluminum profile processing. The production of aluminum alloy die-casting process mold is directly related to the quality and service life of the aluminum profile.

3. Die-Casting

Die-casting is our forte and hence we do not outsource any of our high-pressure die-casting production. Our experienced die-casting team operates industry-standard cold chamber Hongkong machines ranging from 88 tonnes to 1250 tonnes. We have the capability to cast various aluminum specifications such as A360. ADC12, A380, and so on.

4. Secondary Processing

The four basic processes in the die-casting aluminum industry are annealing, normalizing, quenching, and tempering, which are called the "four fires" in die-casting. In the die casting process, quenching and tempering are closely related, and both are indispensable.

KES has more than 20 CNC machines, supported by a trained, skilled, and stable workforce that is capable of machining parts up to 2-micron tolerance. 

5. Surface Treatment

KES provides both wet paint and powder coating services with the capability to perform chromate treatment prior to finishing the coat. In addition, through our supplier network, we can also provide anodizing, as well as nickel and tin plating. 

6. Inspection and Packing

In our quest to help our customers reduce costs, we can source auxiliary components through reputable local suppliers and provide in-house sub-assembly work.