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Aluminum Die Casting
To Provide High Quality Die Casting Services For All Industries


KES is specialized in all aspects of aluminum die casting, from mold design and testing to the production, processing, and packaging of aluminum components, offering various solutions and high-quality aluminum casting service.

We are an aluminium high pressure die casting supplier & manufacturer from design to manufacturing and packaging and have built cooperation with clients all over the world such as Japan, Korea, and countries from North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Fabrication of Aluminum Parts

KES can provide a series of services in need to give you maximum convenience, and there is the aluminium alloy die casting process:

  • Die/mold design

  • Molding making and confirmation

  • Die-casting

  • CNC machining

  • Surface treatment

  • transportation

Fabrication of Aluminum Parts

Advantages of Aluminum Casting Alloys

Aluminum casting alloy has outstanding corrosion resistance, superior mechanical properties and is lightweight and stable for complicated metal parts, which makes it an ideal alloy for die casting.

Aluminum casting alloy also has a lot of benefits so that they are applied to various die casting projects in many fields. As the optimal choice to meet many needs, they have the following  advantages:

  • Lightweight

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Superior hardness and strength

  • Can be operated under high temperature

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • Good finishing features

  • Good electrical conductivity

  • Superior thermal conductivity

Quality Control of Aluminum Casting Alloys

KES is strict with quality control during the overall process. Since prevention of defect costs less than defect detection in manufacturing, we are able to pass our savings on to you.

To implement the advanced system to assure the high quality, KES takes the steps as follows:

  • Monitor the balance of the machines constantly;

  • Ensure the "shot to shot" product consistency;

  • Speed up the problem-solving;

  • Ensure the production consistency.

Our expert staff will check the machines for solving the detected problems and investigate other deficiencies.

Quality Control of Aluminum Casting Alloys

Image Display of Aluminum Die Casting:

Die Cast Aluminium Alloy
High Pressure Die Casting Aluminum
Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum Die Casting FAQs

  • Q: Is Die Cast Aluminum Strong?

    Die cast aluminum is very strong even put under high operation temperature. With its superior hardness and strength, it has been an ideal choice for many customers to take to meet their needs.

  • Q: What Is The Difference Between Cast Aluminum And Die Cast Aluminum?

    The main difference from die casting is that the metal is simply poured into the mold rather than being injected, although sometimes vacuum is applied as well.

  • Q: What Is Aluminum Die Casting?

    Aluminum die casting is a manufacturing process for producing sharply defined, smooth or textured-surfaced metal parts adopting aluminum as the material. Aluminum die casting alloys are lightweight and have a lot of other benefits such as excellent corrosion resistance, less cost, and good strength, thus being chosen to apply to many projects.

  • Q: Is Die Cast Aluminum Safe?

    Good quality die cast aluminum produced under strict quality control manufacturing processes is absolutely safe.

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