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Cold Chamber Die Casting
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Cold chamber die casting is extremely suitable for metals with high melting points such as aluminum. In this process, the metal is liquefied in an extremely high temperature furnace, and then sent into the cold room to be formed into the mold.

In the cold chamber die casting process, the content of molten metal should exceed the required amount of the casting body, and the metal is pushed into the mold by a hydraulically operated piston.

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Cold Chamber Die Casting Capability

The earliest cold chamber die casting machine can be traced back to 1920, which was first invented and manufactured by Carl Roehri. This cold chamber die casting machine was separated from the furnace and the machine. When the molten metal in the furnace was poured into the pressure chamber by hand (charging barrel), there is a punch immediately to inject the molten metal into the mold. Then, while the casting is ejected, the remaining biscuit formed by the excess metal in the press chamber is taken out with the casting. It can be seen that even with the current standards, this is completely a typical cold chamber die casting process.

Advantages of cold chamber die casting

  • Three aspects: Dimensional accuracy, surface accuracy, thin wall. The dimensional accuracy of castings is high.

  • Mass production: High productivity. Easy to realize mechanization and automation.

  • Surface treatment: Easy to do various surface treatments, such as electroplating, spraying.

Advantages of cold chamber die casting

Cold Chamber Die Casting Alloy

Cold chamber die casting can be used when die-casting metals that cannot be used in the hot-chamber die-casting process, like aluminum alloys. In this process, the metal needs to be melted first in a separate crucible. Then a certain amount of molten metal is transferred to an unheated chamber or nozzle.

Quality Control of Cold Chamber Die Casting

In the production process, a strict quality control system and a perfect defect management process must be established to ensure that various process elements are within the normal range. 

It is especially important to establish a quality information system, implement priority processes for quality control, and improve product quality records, statistics, analysis and feedback.

Quality Control of Cold Chamber Die Casting

Image Display of Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting
Cold Chamber Die Casting
Cold Chamber Die Casting

FAQs of Cold Chamber Die Casting

  • Q: What is the difference between cold chamber die casting and hot chamber die casting?

    The difference between hot chamber die casting and cold chamber die casting is only in the pouring mechanism. The pressure chamber of the hot chamber die casting machine is connected to the furnace, while the pressure chamber of the cold chamber die casting machine and the furnace are separate.

  • Q: What is the Role of Cold Chamber Die Casting?

    Cold chamber die casting can die-cast all kinds of castings from simple to quite complex. Die-casting products are widely used in automobiles, aerospace, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, electrical instruments, and daily hardware.

  • Q: Which Metals are Suitable for Cold Chamber Die Casting

    Cold chamber die casting technology is suitable for metal die casting of aluminum lloys. The press chamber is placed vertically. After the molten metal is poured into the press chamber, the gas is on the top of the molten metal, and less gas is involved during the molding process.

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