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Zinc Die Casting
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Zinc is considered as the easiest metal to cast and has a lot of superior properties. KES is a leader in zinc die casting manufacturing, since its overall process is under a strict quality control system. KES has already cooperated with many clients from many countries including Korea, Japan, countries from Europe and North America, and Southeast Asia.

Supplying diverse solutions and high quality services, KES as an excellent zinc alloy high pressure die casting manufacturer & supplier, has won good fame among clients. And it is specialized in all stages of zinc die casting, from part conception, mold design, inspection, to the production and even packaging. Are you find a zinc die casting factory? Choose Us!

Fabrication of Zinc Parts

A number of methods leveraged in manufacturing of zinc parts are available, and there is the zinc alloy die casting process:

  • Die design

  • Zinc die casting

  • Hot chamber die casting

  • CNC machining

  • Surface finishing

  • Packaging

Fabrication of Zinc Parts

Advantages of Zinc Casting Alloys

Zinc die casting has good casting performance and fast filling speed, which can improve output and precision.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Requires less material

  • Has faster production

  • Machining operations can be reduced

  • Assembly operations can be reduced

  • Environmental friendly

Quality Control of Zinc Casting Alloys

Strict quality control standard can be found in KES, since KES attaches great importance to high quality manufacturing and is dedicated to providing products exceeding others in the market.

In every stage of the manufacturing process, including concept, design, production, and packaging, KES has professional staff monitoring and checking all the time.

No problem or deficiency would be missed, and quick solutions would stand by. This why KES has been trusted by cooperation partners and it has never stopped making improvements in quality control.

Quality Control of Zinc Casting Alloys

Image Display of Aluminum Die Casting:

Zinc Pressure Die Casting
Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Zinc Die Casting

Zinc Die Casting FAQs

  • Q: What Is The Difference Between Zinc Alloys And Stainless Steel Alloys?

    Zinc alloys are less expensive and slightly less strong than stainless steel. And zinc is easy to cast while stainless steel is hard to make larger items.

  • Q: What Is Zinc Die Casting?

    Zinc die casting is a manufacturing process that forcing molten metal into dies with zinc as the main raw material, which can produce cost-effective, highly durable, and strong components.

  • Q: why Is Zinc Good For Die Casting?

    Zinc possesses good ductility to meet many requirements for die casting.

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