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Quality Equipment
To Provide High Quality Die Casting Services For All Industries

Quality Equipment

Die-casting Workshop

Since 2005, KES has focused on aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die casting. Our internal structure and technology continue to innovate, enabling us to have competitive prices and stable quality. We strictly follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system to control and monitor the production process to ensure the excellent quality of castings.

There are 11 die-casting machines for aluminum alloy and zinc alloy with a tonnage distribution of 88T-1250T, which can produce die-casting products as small as a few grams and as large as about ten kilograms.

Mold Workshop

KES has an independent mold room, which can complete the production of new mold, mold setting, and fixture in the shortest time; Professional imported processing equipment to meet customers' fast and accurate needs.


CNC Machining

At present, KES more than 20 imported CNC machining centers, the tolerance is strictly controlled within 0.01mm, and the maximum size can be 1m, accompanied by a professional testing team.

Burr Workshop

With over 40 people, there are product burr cleaning teams in KES, all kinds of Pifeng cleaning tools, and professional auxiliary processes such as silica grinding, steel ball grinding, pickling, and baking.

Drilling and Tapping Workshop

KES has 48 high-precision multi-legged drilling and tapping machines in total, which meet the production process of N-sided multi-tooth holes of products, with stable quality and high productivity, and are controlled by special personnel, so as to ensure that each tooth hole is "passed through the rules, and the rules are stopped."

Polishing Workshop

More than 30 experienced polishing masters, specializing in polishing from sanding, nylon wheel, grinding wheel, cloth wheel to hemp wheel, have strict technology and standards for electroplating, oxidation, and spraying products;

Spraying Workshop

Focus on powder spraying and paint spraying of die castings. At the same time, in order to meet the different needs of customers in various industries, we can also provide: passivation, oxidation, electrophoresis, electroplating, and other surface treatments;

Full Inspection and Packaging

100% full inspection of the shipped products should be carried out while adhering to the process control, and the principle of "not letting a defective product flow into the hands of customers" should be implemented, and the size and appearance of products should be inspected with professional inspection tools.