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Quality Policy
To Provide High Quality Die Casting Services For All Industries

Quality Policy

Quality Control

  • KES fully implements and certifies ISO9001:2015 quality standards and IATF 16949 quality standards;  

  • When all materials and components are delivered, they must be inspected to ensure that their quality meets the requirements of each project. Mold steel and alloy raw materials must be tested. It can only be used after passing the test;  

  • All die components and die-casting parts must be inspected at each stage of the manufacturing process before the next process can be carried out.


Mold Design and Manufacturing Quality Control  

  • An experienced mold design and production team;  

  • The most advanced mold design and mold flow analysis software;  

  • High precision processing equipment;

  • Whole process testing and monitoring;  

  • Strict process control;  

  • Stable suppliers of mold steel and heat treatment;  

  • Three-dimensional inspection of all mold dimensions