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Safety Rules Need to Be Followed in the Die Casting Factory
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Safety Rules Need to Be Followed in the Die Casting Factory

The main types of equipment in the die casting factory workshop are die casting machines, heating furnace, etc. Production workers are often exposed to unfavorable working environments such as vibration, noise, high temperature and hot smoke, as well as piles up of materials ends and edges. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the safety and health of workers who operate the equipment. Otherwise, various safety accidents will easily occur in the production process, especially personal injury accidents.

There are three types of trauma accidents that are prone to occur during the die casting production

1. Mechanical injuries - scratches or bumps directly caused by machines, tools or workpieces;

2. Scald;

3. Electric shock.

From the perspective of safety technology and labor protection, the features of the die casting factory are as follows:

1. Die casting production is carried out in the situation where the metal is hot. Due to large manual labor, burns may occur if you are not careful.

2. When the zinc alloy die casting is demolding, it still has a relatively high temperature and workers are often exposed to heat radiation.

3. The smoke and dust generated during the combustion process of the heating furnace in the die casting factory workshop are discharged into the air of the workshop. It not only affects hygiene, but also reduces visibility in the workshop, which also may lead to workplace accidents.

4. The equipment used in the die casting production such as die casting machine, smelting furnace, etc. Due to installation and adjustment errors or improper tool operation, they may cause damage to the mechanical parts and other serious equipment or personal accidents.

5. There are many kinds of die casting tools and auxiliary tools, which are placed together in the workplace. In the work, tools are replaced very frequently and the storage is often in disorder. It will inevitably increase the difficulty of checking these tools. When a certain tool cannot be found quickly when it is needed, sometimes a similar tool will be used as the "make-up", which often results in workplace accidents.

6. During operation, the noise and vibration of the equipment in the workshop of the die casting factory will make the workplace unbearably noisy. It affects people's auditory system and nervous system, which makes people distract attention and increase the possibility of accidents.

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