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Security Equipment
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Security Equipment

Aluminum die-cast security equipment generally uses stronger metal plates during the production process. After a series of bending processes, these aluminum die-cast security equipment can meet many functional requirements.

Aluminum die-cast security equipment has the characteristics of fire and moisture resistance. Therefore, the second major advantage of aluminum die-cast security equipment is that it can withstand the test of fire and reduce losses. It also has a moisture-proof effect.

die cast security equipment

Aluminum die-cast security equipment has undergone repeated experiments and tests in terms of performance and service life is strong and durable.

KES die-casting has advanced deburring equipment and re-processed by manual personnel so that the security equipment die-casting parts can reach the factory effect. In addition to the above three commonly used zinc alloy die-casting burr removal methods, there are also various deburring methods such as freezing, thermal explosion, engraving machine, chemical, electrolysis, high-pressure water jet, and ultrasonic. It is very important for manufacturers to correctly handle the burr problem of zinc alloy die-casting, and it must be paid enough attention.

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