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Two Key Aspects in Zinc Die Casting Process
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Two Key Aspects in Zinc Die Casting Process

Zinc die casting processing is a process that requires high professional knowledge. Although the original complicated process is simplified with the help of advanced die casting machines, the technical requirements have not been reduced because the problems in zinc die casting processing is often caused by many factors. And if the technical level doesn’t meet a certain requirement, then these problems are difficult to solve, and may appear repeatedly.


1. Selection of raw materials

If you want to do a good job of processing zinc die castings, you must choose the right raw materials. There are many types of zinc alloys. If you want to choose the right raw materials, you must consider the following factors:

1) The stress state of the die casting. This is the main factor, but not the only factor;

2) Working environment of die castings. Such as: is the working temperature high or low; is the contacting medium is humid atmosphere, sea water, acidic or alkaline substances; whether tightness is required (air pressure, hydraulic pressure).

3) The working conditions of the die-casting parts in the whole machine or at a certain parts;

4) Requirements for the size and weight of die castings;

5) Economic efficiency

Taking the above points into consideration, die casting manufacturers can select raw materials that meet customer needs. Which can process zinc die casting more efficiently and to make sure we get high-quality zinc die casting.

2. Deburring

At the same time, in the process of zinc die casting processing, deburring is also very important. There are many ways to debur. Do you know these deburring methods and its working principles?

1) Manual deburring

Manual deburring is one of the common deburring methods. It uses files, grinding heads and other tools as an auxiliary. Among them, files are divided into manual files and pneumatic files. The advantage of manual deburring is that workers do not need high skills to complete it, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to remove complex cross holes.

2) High pressure water jet deburring

The burr and flash of zinc die casting can be removed by using the impact force of water. At the same time, the cleaning purpose of the die casting can also be achieved. The disadvantage of this deburring method is that the equipment is expensive.

3) Grinding and deburring

Like removing burrs by vibration, sandblasting, etc., these deburring methods are widely used in enterprises. Its disadvantage is that the removal is not that clean, and it needs further manual deburring to achieve the desired effect.

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